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Advertising Blurbs

From the Mindscape International Leisure Catalogue 1992/93:
    Big, bad and armed to the teeth.

    It's the enemy's worst nightmare: a nearly invisible heavy bomber, carrying enough power to destroy the most heavily defended installation in the world.

    Forget run-of-the-mill flight simulations. Megafortress is in a class by itself: a radically modified B52 stratofortress, with radar-absorbing fibersteel skin and enough state-of-the-art sensory and weapons systems to jam and blast its way into any target on earth.


    • Multi-position bomber simulation with pilot/co-pilot, navigator, electronic warfare officer, and gunner stations.
    • Complete electronic countermeasures technology mirrors current stealth technology.
    • Massive arsenal at weapons officer's disposal includes air-to-air missiles, anti-radar missiles, air mine rockets for sefence, and a 3,000lb TV/infrared guided glide bomb for the final attack.
    • Terrain guidance radar screens operate at realtime speed.
    • Multiple missions, including Flight of the Old Dog, Arctic, and Middle East.

    "Megafortress is a cracking flight 'n' fight sim."
    88% Zero

    "...Seat of pants playability."
    CU Amiga

    Contributed by -Chris (7586) on May 29, 2003.