Metal Rage: Defender of the Earth Credits (DOS)

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Metal Rage: Defender of the Earth Credits


Technical DirectionEric Zmiro
Artistic DirectionEric Zmiro
ManagementEric Zmiro
Lead ProgrammerEric Zmiro
3D EngineEric Zmiro
Game Play & Game DesignEric Zmiro
ASM ProgrammerLaurent Duplessis
3D ToolsLaurent Duplessis
Sound CodingLaurent Duplessis
SVGA CodingLaurent Duplessis
All Additional WorkLaurent Duplessis
Graphic LeaderFrancis Fournier
2D TexturesFrancis Fournier
World MakerFrancis Fournier
3D ArtistsFrédéric Lavignasse, Eric Delemer
DesignFrédéric Lavignasse, Eric Delemer
Audio AmbiancesJean-Marie Philibert
Sound EffectsJean-Marie Philibert

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