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Mice Men Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Company logo at the start of the game.
Title screen and intro animation.
Last part of the intro animation, doubling as credits.
Choose difficulty.
Starting a game.
You can change the color of the cheese, which also affects the text at the bottom.
You can change the border color, which is also the color of the arms of the blue mice.
Blocked column. You can also notice a mouse eating cheese while waiting.
The computer gets the first mouse off the board.
Stepping on the head of an opposing mouse.
A mouse getting off the board from a higher position.
The computer gets the last mouse off the board and wins. Note the mouse showing off.
The game ended.
Got my revenge the second time around.
That's all you get for winning. The game over screen is the same.
Exit screen.
Exit screen, continued.
Earlier versions had the company logo on the title screen as well.
Earlier versions showed the arrows instead of text as key instructions. No idea why that was changed...
Earlier versions had a different exit screen.