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Written by  :  Nowhere Girl (5601)
Written on  :  Jul 06, 2013
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars1.6 Stars

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Looks nice, but annoys pretty well too

The Good

The graphics are fairly nice - simple, but not simplistic, with a pleasant atmosphere. Flashing numbers add another interesting detail, and different numbers flash in different colors.
The CGA version is yet something different - while it, of course, doesn't look as good as EGA, it's an impressive example of how the very modest capabilities of this graphics card can be used if graphic designers know how to do it well. This game uses the yellow-green-red-black version of CGA, but simple dithering creates the impression of more colors being used - green and red look surprisingly good as gray, red and black resemble brown or maroon...
The PC Speaker sounds are simple and often annoying, however I appreciate the effort - and it doesn't even work too bad - to create sounds resembling a tiger's roar (even if the supposed tiger in question is actually a cub, and cubs can meow, squeak and chuff, but cannot roar) or an ululating owl.

The Bad

The game is quite annoying anyway. The number of animals of each species corresponds to the number "under" which they are hidden - and hey, waiting for nine penguins to get into the wagon can really get on your nerves. I felt like I wasn't really playing, but just waiting for something to pass so that I can move on.
The game actually misses its point - it doesn't teach what it's supposed to. It's not number recognition, but rather number repetition. You only have to press the same number as the flashing one on your keyboard, and of course the one on the screen and the one on the keyboard look very similar. If the flashing objects were, for example, five apples in a tree or seven flowers along the road, it would be indeed about counting and learning numbers - but I admit, it would be more difficult and probably not playable for children around the age of 5... However, I also have to admit that the way the numbers are "hidden" in the scenery is interesting and often creative - for example the first "1" is used as support for a slide.

The Bottom Line

In a way the game feels too little like a game - not enough interaction and too much waiting. I did have some feeling of satisfaction after having completed it, partially because it's very short so it's really completed quickly - but to some extent it was also a feeling of "whew, this silly game is finally over".