Micro Machines Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
The main menu
What character would you like to be?
Prepare for the qualifying race...
Racing on the breakfast table...
Racing across the table...
A ruler forms a bridge between tables
Oil is slippery, don't lose control!
Running into that blob of glue slows you down
Tank racing
Next race is the sandy straights!
Driving into the water causes you to sink and lose time
A sand shovel forms part of the track barrier
Don't crash into pool balls...
Flying choppers in the garden...
On the pool table; falling off of either edge slows you down!
Races I've won so far
Chickz rule! :)
Bits 'n' pieces: glue, nails, pencils... all work well as obstacles.
Whoops, I'm about to fall into the water...
Racing on top of a cereal box