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Might and Magic: Clouds of Xeen Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
From the intro: Crodo tells the background story - with digitized speech.
Character generation. Creating an excellent ninja is hard, ardous work...
Indoor battle: Ridding the city of Vertigo of slimes and Breeders.
City battle: Ghosts infest Winterkill. They can only be killed by magic.
Cave battle: The Red Dwarf Mines are crawling with spiders.
Dungeon battle: Undead await in the Dungeon of Terror.
Outdoor battle: Typical. Once you try to rest, insects are all about.
Ranged battle: Roasting sprites with a fireball. While swimming.
Hot battle: Lava golems can destroy weapons with their flame attack.
Battle above ground: Clouds of Xeen is true to its name.
In between battles: Checking out loot in your inventory.
Underway to new battles: The automap helps you find your bearing.
After battle: Healing up in a temple.
Magical battle: This lovely lady is a little too hot for your party.
Heavy battle: The Yang Knights in Rivercity are a real challenge for inexperienced heroes.
Wet battle: The Cave of Illusion is flooded.
Precious battle: This diamond golem ought to be treasure!
Spoils of war: Dungeons are full of treasure. And enemies. And ominous scrolls.
Wrestling with words: Obviously, poetry is a dead art in Xeen.
Character sheet
List of wizard spells. Lots of useful stuff here!
Ahh, a Might and Magic permanent attribute-raising barrel! Quickly: which attribute is raised by red?
Aww! These guys are cute... I don't want to kill them!
Doing some serious gold digging. Get rich and then donate all your money. Or buy lots of expensive jewelry. Your choice, really
No RPG is complete without a desert area with sand worms leaping out of the ground
Entering some dungeons triggers different expressive full-screen scenes
Be careful! Traps! Look at all this blood! Oh no!
Towns appear as such cute pictures once you leave them and start wandering over the world map
Well, it can't be worse than cleaning out my rabbit's litter box
Yeah. This is what happens when you try to fight a dragon at level 10. Kids, don't do it at home
Towns in this game are no safe spots! This bat lady is showing you her... fangs. In Rivercity
Another city, another freakish enemy. My wizard is about to cast Day of Sorcery, which is an awesome spell
I swear I didn't hack the game and tamper with the text...
The game talks to the player ironically. Indeed, why would I expect to find money on a tree if I just got ten gems from a giant toad?
Special locations - taverns, shops, training, etc. - have such beautiful hand-drawn images
Be religious, and become better - that's how it works
Various teachers are scattered around the game world and will teach you skills, some of which are very useful
This side quest involves some destructive actions. You decide your psychologist was right when she suggested anger management courses
You never know where and whom you'll meet in this game. Here, you get a crucial plot item from a lonely maggot-infested, wax-covered skull in a flooded cave...
In the Tower of High Magic, you're attacked by... Flying Feet. How did they come up with such an imaginative name?
Land of the Giants - a tough area with Cyclops who are obviously into some kinky stuff
The mysterious Shangri-la - one of the few completely safe areas in the game, with the best spells available for sale - and it's really hard to find...
This public library is managed by this lady. You've actually always liked books
Okay, now this is really scary...
You finally made it to one of the game's final areas, the eponymous Clouds of Xeen! Somehow, you don't feel quite welcome