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Might and Magic II: Gates to Another World Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating your character. You can re-roll stats and also switch between them as much as you want. Choose the class afterwards
The game begins in the town of Middlegate. All the five towns in the game look like this one. Notice the Wizard Eye spell at work
Leveling up is possible only at designated locations, and you need to pay the trainers
Remember: it's not piracy if it's a backup copy!
Transferring characters and uh... watching a bald guy in shorts dance around (??)
Hey baby! Taverns sure have improved around here!
Visiting a temple for some healing
A quest!
Enemies pop up either at specified locations, or (somewhat less commonly) randomly. You are given the options
The good old fight screen, now with pictures!
The first time is always the sweetest
Eat hot magic death, you cross-dressing thief!!
Quick-reference screen
Character screen w/spellbook
Fools?? Is this for real??
Dammit! Not again!!
All cave dungeons in the game look like this. They are complex mazes with lots of stuff to discover
You don't get gold directly after defeating enemies - they leave behind such chests and you'll want a Robber to disarm the trap before getting the dough
Outdoor exploration. Landscapes are varied and includes deserts, forests, tundra, and more
Fearsome guards protect the game's castles. You can choose to force your way through!
Outdoor battle against a griffin
You can't cross rivers on foot - but there are always ferries, plus the handy Walk On Water spell
You meet a group of beggars amidst the snowy landscape. You think that bribing them would be the best course of action!
You've discovered another city! They have unique descriptions, but look the same graphically
You can travel anywhere right from the beginning of the game - including this highly dangerous desert area, where sci-fi-themed enemies will decimate you
The automap is extremely helpful! One of the best features of Might and Magic II
The monsters are animated. Blood is actually dripping from this minotaur's dagger!
You'll need to locate and decipher those messages in order to get valuable clues. Or use a walkthrough!
Character-specific quests are more or less mandatory in this game, and not easy. Here, you must defeat this Dread Knight using knights and robbers only
You can venture into the Elemental Planes earlier in the game, but then people like this hipster water elemental might kill you in an uncool, albeit groovy way
Oh my... Look at those round... hills behind this sorceress. I accessed this location by using the Mountaineer skill. Note that I've found a powerful hireling, Mr. Wizard!
Your Endurance will be permanently increased if you find a secret room in one of the caverns and listen to this giant karaoke singing! I'm not joking!
Uh-oh. I thought that we were reasonably high level. This Ancient Dragon guards incredible treasure - but he is also very tough!
The castles are fun to explore. You listen to bad jokes in the Royal Castle Luxus!
Queen Lamanda might speak in bad rhymes, but she gives you the game's crucial quests!
Did you see this inscription above the door? Racism! Also, do you see those +++ signs near my characters' names instead of HP? That's because I have four-digit HP figures!
Yes, what you see is true: you'll have to fight over eighty enemies at once. And that is not the limit! Luckily, a strong party and CTRL +A take care of that in one minute
You'll need to win arena battles in three cities in order to complete the game. This Vampire is one of the easier enemies there