Might and Magic: World of Xeen Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Game title, see Darkside/Clouds shots for more
This is the CD version with voices for all NPCs!
NWC Logo
Clouds of Xeen Title
Clouds of Xeen intro
The story so far... (from Cloud's intro)
Darkside of Xeen title
The dragon Pharoh in his ship...
The land is in trouble...
Hey! It's the ninja dude from Metal Gear!
Fly my pretties!! Fly!!
Clouds plus Darkside equals... The X-Men!!
Main Menu
These gemstones allow you to warp to each part of Xeen
Wells and fountains usually hold magic surprises... or poison and diseases
Character screen
As a member of a magic guild you can purchase spells
The automap in action
An example of the spells that can be bought for a cleric; cost in gold
Purchasing skills and abilities
Training grounds level up your characters
The quick reference screen, always handy.
The brand new questlog
No rpg tavern is complete without a foxy redhead to greet you at the entrance
Combat with a slime
Characters can age in M&M so it's a good idea to watch the time.
Damned mutant bugs! They are everywhere!
Ha Ha! Lord Xeen laughs at your poor gaming skills!