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Millennia: Altered Destinies Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Our hero, on his boring six month trip from Jupiter to Earth (intro).
The Hoods, the alien race manipulating time (intro).
Your ship, in which you will spend the whole game (intro).
Main screen, in orbit with the Piscene homeworld.
Navcom screen, looking at the timeline for this race/planet.
Navcom galaxy view, choosing your next destination.
Flying dangerously close to a gas giant, the only way to refuel the ship.
Repair screen, spend fuel to repair damaged sections of your ship.
Transport Room, taking from or sending technology to a planet's temple.
Time Status Wheels, an overview of all four races and their timelines.
Time traveling to the chosen century.
Alter ego attack, gotta chase away that bugger and prevent his tampering in the timeline.
Dropship screen, an overlook of the planet's surface and the settlements of the inhabiting race.
Comms link with the Entomon race.
The Piscine
The Reptoid, fearful warriors
Comms link with the Slothoid race.