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Mind-Roll Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

EPYX logo - EGA
title screen - EGA
trapped in a corner - EGA
no where to go. or is there? - EGA
collect the key - EGA
a locked door - EGA
EPYX logo - CGA
title screen - CGA
choose a maze to tackle - CGA
found a key - CGA
near the edge of a maze - CGA
so near the goal, yet so far - CGA
Introduction. I suppose the eye is the window to the mind or some such rot.
Level selection screen (EGA)
Starting levels -- helpful arrows point you to the next goal.
Wonder if these keys will fit those locks? The starfishy things around me are teleporters.
Ever have that dream where you're running toward a goal, but not getting any closer? And you're an eyeball?
Perhaps these conveyor belts will assist me...
Adding insult to injury.
Title screen (EGA)