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Mission Critical Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Space combat (from the intro)
Captain Dayna and Lt. Commander Tran Discover the Ambush
Map of Deck 2
Communications Center
Player's Stateroom
Medical Bay
Engineering: Coolant Control System
Engineering Catwalk
Weapons Control Bay
Computer Room
USS Lexington Orientation Video
A Scene from "Why We Fight"
EVA to the Comm Dish
Executive Summary of Hype/Telecon System
Drone Loadout for Combat
Start of a Battle
The Surface of Persephone
Alien(?) Nanomachine
Ruined City
The Black Tower
Where Am I?
The AI Prepares a Demonstration of the Nature of Time
Lt. Commander Tran Points a Gun at You
A Possible Future for Mankind
You are the last hope!
Your first task is to repair the hull breach in this stateroom
Death by radiation...
The VR program's main menu
Controls for the Shuttle bay
There's Dune!
Piloting the Lander by remote control...
Loading the fighter drones
The Hype training missions allow you to get the hang of the combat interface
About to blow a hole in the alien installation
Shooting a rope to traverse the chasm
The building comes to life!
Whoa! Let's do the time warp again!
Been waiting a long time, haven't you?
Amazing encounters!