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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Credits

85 people (82 developers, 3 thanks)


Created and Designed byRon Gilbert
Programmed byTim Schafer, Tami Borowick, David Grossman, Bret Barrett, Ron Gilbert
Background Art byPeter Chan, James Alexander Dollar, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
Animation byLarry Ahern, Peter Chan, Ken Macklin, Michael McLaughlin, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
Original Music byMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian, Robin Goldstein, J. White
Graphics / ArtworkLarry Ahern, Peter Chan, James Alexander Dollar, Ken Macklin, Michael McLaughlin, Collette Michaud, Steve Purcell, Sean Turner
Arrangements byRobin Goldstein, J. White, Robert Marsanyi, Matt Berado
SCUMM Story System byRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder, Brad P. Taylor, Vince Lee
iMUSE Music System byMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell
TestersJames Hampton, Jim Current, Justin Graham, Chip Hinnenberg, Eli Mark, Kristina Jontag, Jon Van, Kristina Sontag
Additional Testing byJo Ashburn, Khris Brown, Wayne Cline, Erin Collier, James Hanley, Howard Harrison, Kirk Lesser, Bret Mogilefsky, Gwen Newton Musengwa, Tabitha Tosti, David Wessman, Squiggy
Produced byShelley M. Day
Project LeaderRon Gilbert
Lucasfilm Games General ManagerDoug Glen
Lucasfilm Games Director of DevelopmentKelly Flock
Lucasfilm Games Associate Director of DevelopmentLucy Bradshaw
Lucasfilm Games Director of SalesCynthia Wuthmann
Product Marketing ManagerRobin Holland
Public RelationsSue Seserman
Product SupportKhris Brown, Erin Collier, Livia Knight, Gwen Newton Musengwa
International CoordinatorLisa Star
Administrative SupportAnnemarie Barrett, Wendy Bertram, Meredith Cahill, Alexa Eurich, Claudia Hardin, Michele Harrell, Brenna Kruppa-Holden, Marcia Keasler, Debbie Ratto, Lisa Star, Kim Thomas, James Wood, Dawn Yamada
Additional ArtAvril Harrison, Collette Michaud, Aaron Muszalski, Gary Winnick
Lettering ArtistChristine Benson Miller
ProofreadingJo Ashburn, Andrea Siegel
Fun and Excitement SupervisorAlexa Eurich
Gum ChewingMichele Harrell
Goofy Pun ConsultantNoah Falstein
Environmental SpecialistPaul Thermidor
WranglingLucy Bradshaw
Inspiration and AdmirationPaul Hill
"Works like crazy!"Hal Barwood
"So, what's for dinner?"Jennifer Sward
Sam and Max appear courtesy bySteve Purcell
IntroducingKhris Brown (as Chester)
German VersionBoris Schneider-Johne
Associate ProducerBrenna Kruppa-Holden
Package DesignCollette Michaud
Cover Artwork bySteve Purcell
Manual IllustrationSteve Purcell
Manual WriterJudith Lucero
Manual LayoutMark Shepard
Print Production byCarolyn Knutson
Special Thanks toGeorge Lucas

German Version

TranslationBoris Schneider-Johne, doc bobo wordworks
Programming & US contactTamlynn Niglio
German ManualBoris Schneider-Johne, Uwe Schaffmeister
German SupportKristin Dodt
Thanks toHeinrich Lenhardt (for his really good ideas and jokes)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Boris Schneider-Johne (8), MAT (230299), IJan (1990) and formercontrib (158042)

atari breakout