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Written by  :  Jason Harang (39)
Written on  :  Jun 01, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Great sequel. Ron wants it darker, Ron gets it darker.

The Good

This game came out directly after MI1, and had everything that could be expected from a more. This game focuses much more on humor than the first one does, or all the other for that matter...but hey, isn't that what's important?? To have fun in a game? Guybrush has a little bit more of an edge in this game, and is now a real pirate. But he's still as goofy as ever.

The Bad

The sounds really weren't anything, but the game didn't need good sounds, it had great music, using the iMUSE system.

Ok, we all know about the ending. And frankly, I don't see anything to complain about. It's still funny, isn't it? And the credits were halarious, weren't they? Nothing wrong with the end, at all.

So uh, in other words, nothing is bad about the game.

The Bottom Line

Monkey Island 2 is the more bizarre game out of the series. Although it's a little hard, I still suggest you play it. It's well worth it and can still possibly be the best of the series.