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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Monkey Island 2 Opening Titles
Guybrush and Elaine have a long conversation at the beginning
Deep in the Caribbean: Scabb Island
Guybrush meets Largo. Well, sort of.
Wally, the mighty cartographer hard at work
Do I know these guys? Hmmm.
The only room at Scabb is reserved for Largo
Grogg may be hazardous to your health
Scabb Island Overview
House of Mojo
Captain Kate can sail you away
Actual Ingame Shot
by the ugly statue
by the big tree
LeChuck wants his revenge
Guybrush knows how to act around women
LucasArts knows how to add nice easter eggs
Sail away, sail away, sail away! All you need to do is find some charm, though.
The spitting contest. Just follow the wind... and rearrange those marking flags.
Oh my, how am I ever gonna find the right book in this library.
Getting a message while being unconscious.
A costume shop, hey, maybe there's something inside I could wear
Enough talk, woman. It's time for some diving.
I can hold breath for 10 minutes. Guybrush can do that
Well, and the fourth piece of the map is in safe hands.
The only way to break free includes spitting. Strange, huh?
Well, this is highly unhealthy situation.
And one not carefully lighten match caused all this, yup.
X marks the spot... but to what? That's the real question.
Title Screen (Hi-res EGA)
Scabb Island Bridge (Hi-res EGA)
On a beach.
Chatting with some local pirate types.
Captain's Dread's ship.
About to get arrested.
The Governor on Phatt Island.
Great... How am I going to escape?
Wheel of Fortune - Caribbean style.
Outside hole in hillside.
What's up on that hill?
A souvenir shop.
It's LeChuck... No... It's just a guy in a costume.
Conversation at the beginning (EGA)
Scabb Island (EGA)
At the bridge (EGA)
Wandering around town (EGA)