Moonshine Racers Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Intro sequence
Your guide and back-seat driver
Map of the rough territory you've got to drive through.
And they're off!
Regular colour commentary indicates your driving prowess.
The road is liberally strewn with obstacles.
Map of the 2nd territory
An alley of trees in middle of the road?
Trying to outride a brown car ahead.
Finally arrived with a booze to the bar.
Map of the 3rd territory
Start of another moonshine delivery
Performing a long jump over some junk.
My car is broken and full of flames.
Map of the 4th territory
Bypassing road blocks and a shack.
Just drive through the publicity poster.
Each area is time limited so hurry up!
Map of the 5th territory
Those razor wires are quite danger.
Big piece of a bush flies around.
Fat Sam the Sheriff is patrolling here.
Map of the 6th territory
Making a really sharp turn to the right.
Completely ruined my brand new car.
Looks like another bar was reached.
Map of the 7th territory
Suddenly jumping into a few potholes.
Out of time is a result of slow ride.
Visiting spare parts store after the ride.
High score table
Game over
Title Screen (EGA)
First race map (EGA)
Race (EGA)