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Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Title
Druids going to the altar of storms (intro sequence).
The fate lies in the hands of the knight who retrieves the moonstone.
Enchanted circle with main druid to help you gain some magic pockets.
After stormy ceremony, you are ready to face the evil.
Choose a Knight - Selecting a Knight only affects which you start first.
Game Start - World map. Each player has their turn to travel to a certain location.
After arriving at a particular location, you have the option to choose an action.
Looks like a horned lion with a bad sun tan. Get ready for them when they run your way!
Knight: 1 - Horned Lion with bad sun tan: 1. Nice death animations though!
Now this is REAL combat. Hey, killed 2 before they finally got me...not bad for a beginner.
There are 4 knights roaming the land and this dragon had to choose me as his Nacho side-dish.
Fight for your life with dragon
Main boss - Demon
Visiting the city of Waterdeep.
Mythral the Mystic - Make a donation and your abilities will be either raised or lowered by 1 point.
Fighting a Balok. They can be found in the Northern Wastelands.
These Baloks are nasty monsters. He picks me up, bites my head off and eats it!
Standing at the bottom of the wizard's tower.
You get useful tips during the loading process.
Need to free myself quick from his chokehold.
Little furry thing
Massacre place
Guardian slashes knight.
Head off
Time to duel
Bloody ending