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Moraff's Morejongg Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The game's title screen follows both the resolution selection and the advertisement screen
This is the first screen the player sees, it is standard to many Moraff games and the player must select a graphics option every time they play
The shareware version of the game displays an advertisement screen before the main title.
This is the main menu. Option D showcases more tile sets and layouts in a rolling demo
Option A from the main menu brings up two screens of large text instructions
A traditional layout using monster tiles

This game did not end well. Note that the background colour can be changed
This is the same failed game as seen in the previous screenshot but the 'N' key has been used to change the tile set
There are letter tile sets ...
.. and there are word tile sets
The game can be played in different resolutions. This is 320x200 16 colour low res EGA
Another layout and tile set combination in 320x200 16 colour low res EGA
Sometimes the game selects a tile set / colour combination that is unreadable but the game has a feature that changes the colours used
The previous screenshot showed a game that was unplayable because the tiles could not be read. This is the same arrangement after a new colour choice had been selected
When the player exits the shareware version of the game they see this, the first of seven screens of adverts for more MoraffWare games