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Mortal Coil: Adrenalin Intelligence Credits

50 people (43 developers, 7 thanks)

Character Voices

CandyDani Behr
Dan/NarratorEd Bishop
Peech/Elevator/President of the First World/Director of Mortal CoilFiona Allen
DredCharles Hutchinson
Control/Professor Shatarian General/Soldier/Suit/Alien MasterBrian Bowles
BBJon Dean
Raz MacDonaghTony Jackson
ScreenplayJon Dean
Script AssistanceMark Sibson


GameplayPaul Hanshaw
TechnologyJohn Mullins
UtilitiesRichard Palmer


ArtworkIki, Mark Sibson, Tina Church, Matthew Risley, Graham Poyda
Modelling and SequencesTony Jackson
Sequence DesignTony Jackson, Jon Dean
Art SupportSmoke, Philippa Brown, Sue Chenery


ConceptJon Dean
Based on the Candy comic strip character designed byTony Jackson
Gameplay and A.I.Colin Chung, Jon Dean, Paul Hanshaw, Tony Jackson
Map CreationTina Church, Mark Sibson, Tony Jackson, Colin Chung
Thanks for Design Input toJoe Ybarra, Scot Amos, Michael Moore, Dave McMahon


Music, Atmospheres, Sound Effects and SequencingAndy Johnson
Audio Drivers byMiles
'Drowning' perfomed byWounded Arm featuring Charles Hutcinson, used with kind permission of Cogent Productions Ltd, Copyright 1995 Cogent Productions Ltd.
Project ManagerPhilippa Brown

For Vic Tokai Europe Ltd

Produced byKris Hall, Sean Collings, Gary Patino
Special thanks toTerry Fujioka
ManualGraham Parker, Sold Out!

Not Forgetting

Thanks for SupportElaine Dean, Louise Jackson
EncouragementAngelina Mullins, Melanie Poyda
And ContributionsJacqui Lyons, Mark Dickenson, Jack Daniels, Ed Esber, Ed A. Hollingshead, Tawn Rice, Paul Kohler, Chris Vokin, Ian Oliver, Andy Craven, Jim Woods
Directed byJon Dean
French and German TranslationsPolylang

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (5480)