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Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows Credits

40 people (36 developers, 4 thanks)


Nick SteereScott McKenna
Dulcie LambeKit Blanchard
Willis LymanRobert Towers
Madam ZmeyaSandra Snow
Prudence MilvertonLouise Marmo
Charles MilvertonGreg Snow
Lenny VoleJeffrey Platt
Olive AdlerToni Attell
Calvin AdlerDouglas Coler
Dash BalderK. A. Muston
Edward GrimsbyRichard Barnes
Prof. LindenbrookArt Dutch
as THE GHOSTSWilliam J. Irwin, Melodee M. Spevack, the CAST
Script Recording Directed byRoger Rittner
Engineered by Al Johnson
Sound byDavid Surtees
Executive ProducerLaura Buddine
Chief of OperationsGeorge Dashiell
Vice President of EngineeringDave Lundberg
Vice President of Sales & MarketingCraig Moddy
Production ManagerHenry Shilling
AdministrationDebbie Coker
AdministratorAntoinette Moore
Special Thanks toDavid B. Jones, Edward F. Tuck, James Parker, Debbie White
Software EngineersHasmik Byurat, Eric Chan, Karlo Kilayko, Clayton Wishoff
Marketing & PromotionAnn Lediaev
Production ArtistsDavid Martin, Angela Morrison
Chief of Research & DevelopmentKenneth Yapkowitz
Software DesignerKevin Moore
Art Direction and ArtworkRobert Barrett
Written, Produced and Music byPaul Norman

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