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Written by  :  CubbyKatz (216)
Written on  :  Dec 17, 2004
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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Teaches you a little bit about everything

The Good

This is a really fun game, with almost everything about it very enjoyable! It teaches you about everything from history to more modern subjects with a very large range in between. Since it takes place at the Natural History Museum, it does actually make sense and seem to fit in. The robot companion MICK is pretty cool, he doesn't give give-away hints, but his hints are big enough to help most people through it.

The Bad

Very little. The maze thing at the beginning was annoying, but if you stick with it you'll get through it. Also, I hate slider puzzles so the 3 or 4 rooms with them annoyed me a bit, but I got through them! The final puzzle is annoying, only if you lose, because it makes you start the whole game from the beginning, a young child might find it challenging.

The Bottom Line

The graphics were very good for the time, and still are today. There aren't really many sound effects. The writing is simple enough some a fairly young child would be able to understand it (10+). And the puzzles are challenging enough for my age group. My only regret about this game is that my Mom didn't buy it for me when I got my first computer in 1994.