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NAM Credits

36 people (22 developers, 14 thanks)


Senior ProducerDante Anderson
Project ManagerDante Anderson
Co-Authors/Concept/DesignLado Crnologar, Heikki Korva, Tuomo Korva
Subject Matter ExpertDan Synder
Associate ProducerNicholas Lavroff
Product ManagementMartin Currie, Tony Kee
MusicAtom Ellis
SoundAtom Ellis
C ProgrammingMatt Saettler
Additional ArtGraeme Moralee, Zak Golub
Additional SoundScott Meadow
Voice TalentJamal Jennings, Richard Davis, Atom Ellis, Scott Meadow
Executive ProducerGreg Williams
Photo CreditsCorel Corporation
Tech Support DocumentationJeffrey Siegel
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
Production CoordinatorLiz Fierro
Package DesignVic Merritt
Manual ProductionJill Pomper
Special Thanks toAlan Behr, Mike Ryder, Rick Raymo, Scott Miller, George Broussard, Brian Corey, Sarah Mason Richmond, Maxwell K. Taylor, Kate Christensen, Mary Steer, Nathan K. Rose, Jesse Smith, John Stevens, Dan Harnett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Daedolon (5452) and formercontrib (158603)