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Written by  :  Ben Fahy (94)
Written on  :  Nov 20, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Love to hate it!

The Good

Well, there were a lot of weapons, 34 missions, some cool audio, tough scenarios and lots of action. Some of the locations look okay considering it uses the BUILD engine (Duke Nukem 3D) and that also means you can use the Duke3D editor if you want... You could also take control of vehicle-mounted machine guns and have fellow soldiers follow you. At some points it was also possible to call in airstrikes... cool! Also the multiplayer is pretty good.

The Bad

Pointless missions, dumb AI (For example, if you set a fellow grunt to shoot enemies, then leave his line of sight then return, he'll shoot at you!) The graphics are dry and colorless, so the jungle looks more like a mish-mash of green pixels and not like trees and plants. Looks almost exactly the same as Duke3D except in a jungle. The music is all MIDI format so it sounds pretty bad and you'll probably want to turn it off.

The Bottom Line

Well, if you see it in a discount bin for really cheap you might want to pick it up for it's multiplayer- which has the potential to be fun because of the weapons. Or, if you like your war games then you might want to try it- some of the shootouts are semi-intense and can be quite fun. However, the emphasis in that sentence is on "Some", not all. Don't expect a great action game here because, well, it isn't!