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NCAA Championship Basketball Credits

66 people (55 developers, 11 thanks)


Lead ProgrammersRandy Platt, Larry Garner
Project Art DirectorBrian McManamon
3-D ArtistsGlenn Stroh, Jenifer Bacon, Susan Hayden, Mark Macy, Ed Yaffa
Graphic ArtistDavid Lathrap, Richard Loesch, Kim Healy, Francisco Villasenor, Karen Brake, Michelle Light, Dianne Beckel, Mark Macy
Art DirectorLori Nichols
Music Composer and ProducerLarry Groupe
Music Production and EngineeringTerry Barnum, Dom Widiez
Additional SFXTerry Barnum
AnnouncerJeff Thill
DesignLarry Garner, Jerry Albright
Producer/Development DirectorJerry Albright
Research/DevelopmentMonica Aquirre
Production Manager/DatabaseJane Huizenga
Assistant ProducerStewart Spilkin
Lead TesterRobert Sablan
Product Testing ManagerJeanne Collins
Testing CrewErik Peoples, Mark Clifton, Chad Reese, David Flournoy, Daniel Melvin, Mike Bulger, Mark Fernandez, Fabio Aquirre, Chris MacGregor, Ted Apollo, Hector Aquirre
1st Assistant DirectorChristopher Cobb
Shoot ProducerStephanie A. Koerner
Shoot DirectorPaul Rhoads
Director of PhotographyThomas Rowe
Lightning DirectorWill Urie
Make-UpMonica Diventi
Make-Up AssistantNedra Hainey
CostumingStephanie Kuhne
CastShon Tarver (Player), Mark Boyd (Player), Steve Allisi (Coach), William Mallory (Referee)
Marketing ManagerMegan Humpal
Marketing CrewTim Pivnicny, Stephen King, Nicole Grani, Rik Sandoval, Valerie Motis
Special ThanksBrian Platt, Steven Platt, Alan Anders, Nancy Near, Junglevision Software, Galen Beenken (LRG), Lisa Tomlinson (LRG), Amy Houston (NCAA), CGS Testing Berkeley CA, Hanshaw Ink., John Galt Productions

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jewelcase (1185)