NetHack Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Starting a new game.
Choose a race!
Class and alignment-appropriate introduction!
First few steps
Starting equipment (semi-randomized)
Game options
Looting a chest.
Thrilling combat
It's just wedged in a corner!
No key? No problem!
That was an example of a trap I managed to sidestep.
Unfortunately without my pet my wizard is pretty wimpy.
After dying you get to find out exactly what I was in fact carrying.
Here's a bit more about my character's status at death.
A tabulation of everything I killed.
Finally, a listing of how the character lived his or her life.
My gravestone
High score table
Recent versions of the game include an official graphical tile set.
Viewing the inventory (tiles mode).
A shop (tiles mode).
Pressing F4 in tiles mode will zoom out the view to fit the entire level on the screen...
...while pressing F5 will switch to a somewhat enhanced ASCII characters mode.