New Horizons Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen 1
Title screen 2
The opening sequence
An introduction to the characters
Set up your character
Starting the game
Talk to characters in the town
A quick game of Black Jack at the local pub. More secure winnings than dice but smaller rewards.
Requesting a new ship to be built
The game of dice is similiar to Poker rules but use dice instead of cards. Higher rewards at higher risk.
Supply your ships before sailing
A less than successful voyage
Perform tasks at the Merchant Guild from transferring goods to vanquishing pirates in return for gold and fame!
World Chart Map. This is the known world that YOU know. At the start your only knowledge of the world is Europe. That's a big grey area to explore!
Ahhh...the very essence and soul of Uncharted Waters: Trading. Most ports have speciality goods that you can fetch for a low price and sell for a high profit at other distant ports.
Pirates don't always see eye to eye. That's where Melee combat comes in...
Waitresses at your local pub can be an invaluable source of information on quest or locations of enemy fleets. However, not all ports have these lovely lasses and not all of them are friendly either...
Eventually your deeds in braving the ocean will not go unheard. The king of your nation may summon you to his palace...he usually has a favor or two to ask in return for royal status! Or you could probably pursuade him to finance your expeditions...
Now what is a pirate game without Naval Combat? There are many ways to win in Naval Combat, but most usually focus on defeating the enemy flagship (marked by the number 0)
Sometime in Naval combat, if you get close enough to the enemy flagship you can board them, if succesfull, the outcome of the battle is judged by who wins the Melee Combat. However, if you lose, you die. It's point of no return.
At night, the Fortune Teller shop finally opens. Fortune Tellers provide invaluable inside information on your life, career, love, and mates for a wee sum of 50 gold pieces.
Night time at Lisbon - Iberia, Capital of Portugal. While most establishments close at night, some shops like the Docks, Inns and Pubs stay open. Fortune Tellers only open at night. Rumor has it the Item shop also opens at certain hours...
Houses of Worship such as Churches for Christians offer spiritual services which may bring favor from the heavens...
Sea victories are often as profitable as trading. If you win in a sea battle you may win gold, treasures (items) and even enemy ships, providing you have available mates to captain the seized ships.