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Noctropolis Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Introduction. Something ominous is going on here...
Peter Grey's bookstore is the game's starting location. Detailed graphics, and very atmospheric music... sadly, you can't capture that in a screenshot
The game is wonderfully interactive. You get this slick, elaborate response here on the Main Street if you try talking to the buildings...
Gorgeous imagery outside of the Cathedral
The Cathedral is beautifully Gothic. This is the game's response to your attempt at taking the statue of an angel...
The map of Noctropolis (part of it)
Visiting a construction site. Some dialogues are brief. This guy will only say this phrase from now on - albeit with a cool animation
Hall of Records
Cygnus Construction Company
Succubus's Boudoir. Hmm... Don't fall for that, Darksheer!
Your inventory
A friendly "street girl" shows us the goods
You can talk to some characters about any other character, or discuss items
Another example of text detail: this stylish description follows my attempt to look at the protagonist - and it's unique to this area
Protagonist animation in progress - taking a bath in a mysterious liquid. You'll return here often to heal yourself
Some areas are divided into smaller sections. Here, you explore the inside of a truck. For now, just be satisfied with this nice description of a rake
Some dialogues require you to choose responses. Try making your way through this conversation
Uh-oh... this can't be good, can it?
Meeting some cool-looking dudes in a back alley
Darksheer takes a break to watch a nice catfight... Meooww!
Stiletto two seconds away from videogame history!..
Posing with the interaction verbs displayed. It's a bit weird, but you can get used to it
Butcher Shop
Master Macabre's Surgery Area
The Maze
The baby or the jewel? Hmmm...
Ok, now say "ahhh"
The new issue is here!!