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Offensive Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
The game installs in one of three languages
When the player starts a game they can play as either side
The game comprises a number of levels each of which has its own password. This is the code for the first level so it is not a spoiler
The first level is Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge, the following screenshots are played as the German forces
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge: the area map
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
The Allied forces have parachuted in and have landed outside the town. Th
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
In the town the defenders have no idea that they will shortly be under attack. The crossed swords means that there's of-screen fighting in that direction
Selecting a defending unit and giving it instructions
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
The Allied paratroops are in the town and there's fighting all over the place
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
reinforcements have arrived, unfortunately it's Allied reinforcements
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
Silly things appeal to me. There's a horse in the field whee the planes landed and it's going bananas
Operation Overlord: Pegasus Bridge
Now the Allies are attacking the bridge
The installation screen. This too comes in three languages
There's an on-disc readme file that contains information that did not get into the manual