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    Because sometimes, you just gotta kick some butt!

    Mankind Makes Its Last Stand.

    "I believe myself to be the last free man on Earth. Today the Alliance found our clan and took everyone. But they did not find me and they did not find the portal. That is what we have been working on for all these years. A way into their fortresses; a way to bypass the mighty walls and weapons and strike at the heart of the Alliance.

    I will step through the portal in a few moments... I do not know if I will succeed. I do not know if I can strike deep enough into the fortress to destroy the Alliance and free humanity. But I plan to pay them back in full what they have done to us. I plan to rain carnage and destruction upon them...

    Today, the last of free mankind will make its last stand. I will not take prisoners. I will not take their souls as they have ours. But I will take... their lives!"

    Fast-paced action on steroids!

    An arsenal of weaponry including auto-cannons, plasma rifles and flame throwers leave the arenas and enemy's you'll defeat along the way in total ruins. Killer graphics and a rockin' sound track keep the action moving and alien pieces flyin'.

    User selectable difficulty for the action challenged. Beautiful graphics combined with truly excellent music and sound create a synergy that establish Operation: Carnage as one of the best action games available for your PC!

    A real arcade smash from the publishers who brought you 'ENTOMBED.'

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on May 20, 2009.