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Operation Just Because Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu and title screen
The Main Menu's Options tab leads here. All game configuration possibilities are explained in detail
The main game screen
A single player game starts wit a taunt from the AI opponent
The ship placement phase
There's no 'place and rotate' function in this game. Each vessel is shown in two positions, horizontal and vertical. Placing one removes it's counterpart
The firing phase. the cursor selects the cell to aim at after which the player must press the FIRE button
After the shot is fired the view switches to this. The shell can be seen flying from the fleet to the enemy position then a shell can be seen coming back. There's a red flash if an enemy ship is hit
The enemy has been doing rather well.
Game Over!
In this game fighters have been enabled. They wander around making random shots
In this game mines were allowed. One has been hit in the enemy's grid and it has destroyed two ships
In this game the Scopes have been enabled, on the easiest setting. The yellow and red dots in the central screen do keep changing and there are multiple false targets