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Operation: Overkill II Credits


byDustin Nulf, Tom Hazel, Michael Montique, Bryan Turner
Exceptional Alpha TestersDonna Murrell, Curtis Brown
Echo Mail AssistanceRod Bowman (DOORWARE Echo), Alan Davenport (DDS Echo), David Vins (On-LINE GAMES Echo)
BBS SupportKen Givens (Chess Board), Charles Strusz (InfoQuest IL), Robert Gray (The Outhouse)
Programming & CreativityVince Laurent (New Development Personel), Scott James (Illustrator), Christopher King (Programming Input)
New Alpha TestersJon Valdina, Jack Ridgway, Rick Johnston
the 1.20 Beta TestersDennis Haddox, Robert Olsen, ACE, [email protected]
OthersPam, Zak, Tim, Jay, Tom, Cy
for helping make Operation: Overkill a success!Donna Murrell, Paul Fusco, Mark Stroud, Bruce Peterson, Jason Varian, Jacob Linscott, Andy Mans, Alan Davenport, DDS Systems, Ken Givens, Scott James, Kyle Sessions, Robert Gray, Tim Hodges, Jay Mori, Tom Cochill, Cy Curnin, Larry Nulf, Michael Montague, Bob McGrath, Ryan Miller, Bill Densmore, Chris Green, Brian Amick, William Idol, Holland Hitch, Tom Hazel, Sarah Snyder, Robert Aaron, Cindy Wright, Susan Bowman, Ed Phonephrachanh, Kenneth Bledsoe, James Ray, Mayo Caceres, Arnold Robinson, Lance Powell, Rick Joyce, RSAL Ansi Graphics, Borland Intl., PKWare, XRobot, Front Door, Remote Access, DoorNet, Andrew Mead, Rod Hancock, Mike Phillips, George A. Romero, Gordon Brandt, Michael Willis, Tauran Knight, Andrew M. Welch, Chris Strong, Joe Kemp, Marty Bogle, Byron Smith, Jeff Lancton, Cyberpunks of America, PGNet, DeathNet, Fidonet, Glenn Joyner
for the excellent Overkill GuideCleve Sanders
The Official keeper of the Operation Overkill FAQGrant Rodgers
ANSI / ASCII artwork bySean Michael Ragan

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