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Orion Burger Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro - Aliens watch as their homes are vaporized
Run aliens, run!
At Orion Burger headquarters...
Looks earth's the next harvesting target!
Wilbur feeding his hamsters
Wilbur is beamed and taken away
Don't you want me to take you to my leader?
Looks like Wilbur failed his first test...
The machine misfires and sends Wilbur back without erasing his memories first!
Wilbur finds himself a few hours back in his town.
Inside Boonsville's Town Hall
Aunt Polly, what are you doing up there?!
Vera's Diner
The Barber Shop
Boonsville's finest officers at work
The Impound Yard
The town's bridge is being built
Main Menu
Game Menu
Save Menu