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Out of This World Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Another World Title Screen (Europe/Australia version)
You play Lester, the young Physics professor
Your lab
You find yourself in a strange alien world
This animal is quite hungry
You are imprisoned in a cage with a native
You find a gun
Keep the guards busy while your friend is trying to unlock the door
You look outside from a room's window located in a high tower
Charging your gun
Crossing the bridge
You find yourself inside a building while your friend enters here from a sewer
When there's no way out, you gotta make one yourself.
To slippery to cross over.
Evading the rain of the rocks.
Ooops, this jump can only mean one thing - death.
The gun on the floor, tight grip by the neck, and only solution is kicking in the balls.
There's no way to avoid swimming in the game, is there?
One wrong aim and you're toast, literally.
Yeah, run you scoundrel, Lester's comin'!!
One of the most confusing situations in the game, and it's timed.
Looking like an out of this world harem.
Missed by an inch.
When Lester's flying, noone can calculate the right vectors for him.
Opening Movie (EGA)
In the elevator (EGA)
You find yourself in a strange alien world (EGA)
Running down a hallway. (VGA)
Looks like the bridge is broken! (VGA)
A guard waits for me at the bottom of the stairs. (VGA)
A dome shaped room. (VGA)
What's in that building? (VGA)
A canopy... maybe it will help me get down? (VGA)
Lester pulls out his laser and gets ready to zap some aliens. (VGA)
Nice view around these parts. (VGA)
Watch out for those alien slugs, they are nasty. (VGA)
An underground tunnel.
Watch your step around the tunnel. (VGA)
The opening intro. (VGA)
Title screen (Tandy)
Meet our hero Conrad (Tandy)
Science! (Tandy)
Swim for your life! (Tandy)
Stranded in another world (Tandy)
Hostile lifeforms (Tandy)