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OutRun Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading program (EGA/Tandy)
Title Screen (EGA/Tandy)
Starting line (EGA/Tandy)
Music selection (EGA/Tandy)
Racing (EGA/Tandy)
Racing (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 (EGA/Tandy)
Stage 1 crash (EGA/Tandy)
Crashed scene 1 (Stage 1) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 2 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 3 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Crashed scene 2 (Stage 3) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 4 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Begin Stage 5 (Extended Play!) (EGA/Tandy)
Goal! (EGA/Tandy)
Course Map (EGA/Tandy)
Enter Score (EGA/Tandy)
Exit to DOS? (EGA/Tandy)
Loading program (CGA)
Title Screen (CGA)
Music selection (CGA)
Start line (CGA)
Small crash (CGA)
Begin Stage 2 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Crashed scene 1 (CGA)
Begin Stage 3 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Begin Stage 4 (Extended Play!) (CGA)
Crashed scene 2 (CGA)
Course Map (CGA)
Enter Score (CGA)