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P-80 Shooting Star Tour Of Duty Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The mission map [briefing]
Look ! Enemy fighters is you neck !
Look to your right
Intercepting a group of enemy fighters
A Me-262 in sight
The Me-262 is going down ... today we are the winner !
Mission debriefing
The list of historical missions you can fly with your P-80A. (EGA)
The tactical map (EGA)
Mission briefing (EGA)
Selecting the armament for my P-80A. (EGA)
Strafing an aircraft hangar. (EGA)
Rear cockpit view (EGA)
Formation flying (EGA)
I have been credited with an aerial victory. (EGA)
Some buildings are still intact. (EGA)
I'm following the squadron leader. (EGA)
Escorting a group of B-17 bombers. (EGA)
Right-hand cockpit view (EGA)