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Panzer General Credits


ProgrammerPaul Murray
ArtistDavid Jensen
ProducerBret Berry
Associate ProducerRick Martinez
Additional Associate ProducersWilliam G. Dunn, Rick E. White
Campaign DesignJoel Billings
Scenario DesignCharles J. Kroegel Jr.
Audio Programming DirectorRalph Thomas
Audio ProgrammerRon Calonje
MusicDoug Brandon
Map DesignShane Lacy Hensley, Michael Kroon
Test SupervisorGlen A. Cureton
Lead Product TestersJohn Cloud
Product TestersChris Clifford, Benjamin Cooley, Forrest Elam, Michael Higgins, Steven Okano, Jeff M. Peña, John Pena, Doug Peters, Jason Dawdy
Test SupportAnnette Grove, Rose Ramos
Additional scenario testing byEric W. Adams, Steve Murphy, Gerald Penaflor, Kevin Wallace
Voice DirectorTim August
VoiceBarry Lank
Data ManagerCaron White
Special Thanks ToMichael Bench, Keith Brors, Joshua M. Cloud, Lee Crawford, Diane Duffey, Jeff Groteboer, Don McClure, Bruce Mickelson, Tom Wahl, Joachim Boschen, Hartmut Seitz
Game DesignSSI Special Projects Group
Documentation ManagerEileen Matsumi
RulebookJonathan Kromrey
Rulebook Editor English VersionMark Whisler
Rulebook Editor German VersionBill Duncan
Preparation of German RuleRaimund Lingen
Graphical Design & Desktop Publishing (Louis Saekow Design)David Boudreau, Leedara Zola
PrefaceJoachim Boschen, Hartmut Seitz

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Credits for this game were contributed by MAT (194968) and formercontrib (159236)