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PC-Fun Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (after an animated PC boot-up sequence)
Game selection menu (complete with simulated printing sounds)
Yet another menu, shown after quitting a game
Catch a Falling Star: title
Catch a Falling Star: instructions
Catch a Falling Star: a stellar object descends...
Catch a Falling Star: missed one!
Catch a Falling Star: game over
Catch a Falling Star: high scores
Cosmic Crisis: title
Cosmic Crisis: instructions
Cosmic Crisis: action!
Cosmic Crisis: nailed a high-flying UFO
Cosmic Crisis: do well, and you get (effectively) an extra life
Cosmic Crisis: the fast guy below the other two is a lucrative catch
Cosmic Crisis: game over
Killer Bees: title and instructions
Killer Bees: choose a higher difficulty to start on a more advanced wave.
Killer Bees: the extermination begins
Killer Bees: take that, you hard-working communal insect!
Killer Bees: the more energy you save, the bigger your bonus.
Killer Bees: admiring the compiled-BASIC aesthetic of a bee's death animation.
Killer Bees: all out of gas.