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Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe DOS Title Screen


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Penthouse Hot Numbers Deluxe Credits

48 people (46 developers, 2 thanks)


Developed byeleven Software
Written byWilliam B. Cray
Original VersionWinfried Stappert
Artwork byPenthouse USA, Clark Ashley
Penthouse ModelsJulie Kristen Smith (as Julie Smith), Gina LaMarca, Kelly Jackson, Amy Lynn Baxter (as Amy Lynn), Nicole Simmons, Kimberly Taylor, Samantha Phillips (as Sam Philips), Teneil , Bobby & Cynthia, Amy & Mikky
Penthouse Photos byMax Kelly (of Julie Smith), Quinten S. Putnam (of Gina LaMarca), Suze Randall (of Kelly Jackson - Sam Philips - Bobby & Cynthia), Hank Londoner (of Amy Lynn - Teneil), J. Stephen Hicks (of Nicole Simmons), Earl Miller (of Kimberly Taylor), Didier Pedron (of Amy & Mikky)
Photo Copyrights 1993 byPenthouse International Ltd., All rights reserved
Female VoiceAlicia Menzes
Soundtrack bySilvio Tognazzi
Sound System "Soundcontrol 4.0" byHolger Gehrmann
Intro Written byHolger Gehrmann
Intro Danced bySabine Ahrendt
Intro Recorded atLAV Studios
Beta TestingPeter van de Kleveren, Diklu Nikkenen
Data PackingVideo Area Packing, XPAC Optimizer, GreenBox Software
GreenBox diagnostic software written byHolger Gehrmann
Digitizing EquipmentVLAB - MacroSystem, Blaupunkt SVHS-VTR, Epson GT6000 Scanner
Sampling EquipmentDeluxe Sound, EMAX II, Cubase - Steinberg
Copyrights 1993 byMagic Bytes, Ralf Kleinegräber (Verlag R. Kleinegräber)
Many Thanks toMike Leckebusch, Mr. Tiedje
Default High Scores byWilliam B. Cray, Clark Ashley, Alicia Menzes, Holger Gehrmann, Olaf Patzenhauer, Ralf Kleinegräber, Sabine Ahrendt, Thomas Meiertoberens, Dr. Hallmackenreuter, Erwin Lindemann

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