Perfect General II Credits (DOS)

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Perfect General II Credits


DesignersAndrew Visscher, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
Additional Game IdeasSteven Cohen, Bill Sarubbi
ProgrammerAndrew Visscher
Historical Scenario CreationBill Sarubbi
Graphics ArtistsTimothy R. Cuccolo
3D ArtistJeffrey M. Birns
MusicKen Norris
Sound EffectsKen Norris
General Midi patches George Alistair Sanger, K. Weston Phelan
Box ArtGary Stevens
ManualPeter Alexander, Steven Cohen
Technical SupportJeffrey M. Birns, Steven Cohen, Ken Norris
Quality AssuranceSteven Cohen, Ken Norris
Beta Test CoordinatorSteven Cohen
Beta TestersPeter Alexander, Steven Cohen, Bruce Lull, Ken Norris, Henry Sakos, Bill Sarubbi, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
ActorsSteven Cohen, Charles Lin, Ralph McKelvey, Ken Norris, Anonymous Others, Andrew Visscher
Thanks toAll the fans and supporters of Perfect General 1

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