PGA Tour 96 Credits (DOS)

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PGA Tour 96 Credits


Executive ProducerSam Nelson
ProducerSteve Cartwright
DesignersSteve Cartwright, Tony Iuppa
Associate ProducerTony Iuppa
Lead ProgrammerAdam Bellin
Technical DesignAdam Bellin
Software EngineersIan Clarke, Tom Loughry, Rod Reddekopp, Frank Barchard, Rick Friesen
ArtistsLance Alameda, Roseann Mitchell, Eric DeSantis, Josh Book, Gregory Allen, Catherine Benante, Arthur Koch, Irene Peña
Course DesignTony Iuppa, Lance Alameda, Jeff Hasson, Eric DeSantis, Steve Cartwright
Video ProductionMark W. Day, Jeni Day, MaryAnn Fabian, Jim Rollin
Video EditingTony Iuppa
Other Golf AnimationsJack Baker, Richard Edmonds, Tim Rouillard, Jennie Janes
AnnouncerJohn Shrader
AudioKeith Orr, Marc Farly
MusicRob Hubbard, Marc Farly, Lieblich Sound Design
Lead TestersBrian Reed, Tony Lam, Doug Hollinrake
TestersEric Johnson, Anthony Solis, Mike Graben, Kevin Wooley, Troy Sobotka, Brian Ho Yee, Michael Davies
Product ManagerGlenn Chin
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design Group
Package Art DesignNancy Waisanen
Documentation LayoutDavid Mauro
Quality AssuranceChris Baena, Jon Bruce, Marty Weil, Nick Channon, Kirk C. Scott, Matt Soares (Scratch)
AdministratorPam Seawell
Special ThanksDarren Freeman, Matthew Webster, Nick Channon, Jerry Newton, Joss Elliot, Mike S. Smith, Daniel Teh

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (153128) and Sciere (511466)