Pirates! Gold Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Plunder ships, get rich
Talking with a governor.
A ship has been sighted!
Looks like a rather small ship...
Which ship do you command?
A sea battle.
HA! We got away!
Uh Oh. This guy looks real mad!
Getting a title from the governor.
Meeting the governor's young niece.
Those wedding bells are now ringing...
A governor's daughter.
At the bank. Here you can divide the plunder.
These men want to join your crew.
Attacking a town by sea.
My ship has been sunk!
Rotting in jail after being captured.
The shipwright. Here you can sell ships and cannons or repair your ships.
The map of the Spanish Main,
Getting news from a friendly ship.
Captured a pirate hunter.
Attacking a town.
The captain's cabin.
It's an English ship.
Sword-fighting in town.
Getting news from the tavern keeper.
The sailing master.
Do you buy the map or not?
A piece of a pirate treasure map.
Attacking a town with ground troops.
Duelling the Spanish Captain.
Visiting Nassau
This merchant pays a good price for tobacco.
A traveller from Barbados offers information about the city.
My treasure cave is filled with gold.
Don't sail into a reef with your big ship or it will sink!
We have captured a 100 ton Merchantman.
We have found a treasure worth 8000 gold.
Taking a look at the ship's log.