Planet's Edge: The Point of no Return Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
A very Star-Wars-like intro
You start here, on the Moonbase. This place serves as your home base and main menu
Crew Quarters. You'll need a crew, that's four sure. Select the four people carefully - they will take different roles on the ship as well as ground combat
In the warehouse you outfit your ships. Looks complicated, but after a while you'll get the hang of it
Here you can use all those raw materials you've scavenged in space to build useful stuff - weapons, ship parts, and what not
The Laboratory displays the alien device and the parts you need to collect
Flying through space - hostile ships approach!
Ship information during flight
Crew inventory screen
The star map. Don't be fooled by the seemingly modest look - each system is huge
Scanning a planet. Some of them seem rather inhospitable...
...while others are properly civilized... or are they?..
Beaming down sequence
Exploring a planet's surface - it looks deceptively calm...
Fending off hostile robots on an Alpha Centauri colony
A very handy automap feature
Another day, another alien pirate... They'll usually demand cargo, or else!..
Entering a dogfight! We have built a better ship, so let him have it!
The exploration mode is detailed, almost adventure-like. You can use the Look icon for more info at all times
The game has well-written descriptions of your activities during exploration
Sometimes you'll get detailed text feedback even for mundane items
Hey look, this is Venus! Pity we can't land on it...
Such outposts may harbor clues and generally serve to advance the plot
The universe if populated by mysterious, advanced races. Their worlds must remain off-limits - forever?..
There are many different creatures in this universe. Sometimes it is hard to tell friend from foe
The planet Talitha II has a seemingly peaceful, medieval-like vibe. This is an outdoor area there
The dialogues are for the most part well-written and often humorous
You have been granted an audience with this interesting bird-like queen
Planet Subra II - a strange world with huge trees. It feels overly organic, somehow...
Something terrible happened to this space colony...
A busy day in the Kochab starport
A battle on Denebola IV - those big worms can cast fire on us!
One of the many interesting locations in the game - Cor Caroli Prime. Exploring it eventually leads to...
...miniaturization and travel inside a computer system!
These arrows must mean something... right? Well, yeah. It's a puzzle
This area has something "systemshockish" in it!
Taking on a hostile alien base, liberating a planet!
A heated battle on Procyon. Scorching desert... It gets ugly
This section requires one of your characters to explore alone. Check out those nice descriptions!
A high-tech installation - an advanced quest. This game is absolutely huge and very long
One of the planets you can visit has a... zoo!
The game has a lot of such laboratories and scientists conducting experiments. For some reason I dropped my best weapon and armor
Some quests take you to outdoor areas. My character here refuses to shoot herself. Literally
Ouch... Yes, that was me. All that's left from the enemies are those weapons and armor...
The Captain seems to be interested in this bed...
A desolate lava planet... with lots of enemies
This strange palace is located underwater! You'll need wetsuits just to get here...
...and fight assorted fishes and other people