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antstream tournament

PlayMaker Football Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Setup to play this game
Title (CGA)
Title (EGA/VGA)
Title (Tandy)
Select game menu (EGA/VGA)
Manual protection
Menu on game (EGA/VGA)
Open game (EGA/VGA)
Game Statistics (EGA/VGA)
Game Options (EGA/VGA)
New Game - Game Oppenets (EGA/VGA)
Team Draft (EGA/VGA)
New Team File (EGA/VGA)
File Protection (EGA/VGA)
Status for L-T Name (EGA/VGA)
Chalkboard Editor (EGA/VGA)
Open Team (EGA/VGA)
Set Player Audibles (EGA/VGA)
Chalkboard Editor Options (EGA/VGA)
Chalkboard Editor - Practice Field (EGA/VGA)
Coin Toss (EGA/VGA)
Begin the game (EGA/VGA)
Touchdown! (EGA/VGA)
Extra Point was No good (EGA/VGA)
Penalty on the Play - False Start (EGA/VGA)
Tackled. Gain of 3 yards on the play (EGA/VGA)
The punt was downed (EGA/VGA)
Two minutes left in the first half (EGA/VGA)
The 1st half is over (EGA/VGA)
Touchdown rush (EGA/VGA)
Extra kick is good (EGA/VGA)
The kickoff was whistled dead (EGA/VGA)
Penalty on the Play - Illegal kick (EGA/VGA)
Rushing (EGA/VGA)
Select coin toss (Tandy)
Kick off play menu (Tandy)
Save game? (Tandy)
Team Draft - Change Ability Total (Tandy)
Team Draft - Change Team Color (Tandy)
Chalkboard Editor for Piggies (Tandy)