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Pocahontas DOS Intro showing Pocahontas



Pocahontas Credits

19 people

Brought to you by GT Interactive Software Corp. and Teeny Weeny Games Ltd

DesignDiana Hartmann
DirectionAngela Sutherland
CodingRay Tredoux, Dominic Jackson
Graphics and ScriptingPaul Mitchell, Steve Packer, Damian Rochford, David Swan, Simon Turner, Karl D'Costa, Ben Willsher
CameosSimon Turner, Owen Cunningham, Paul Mitchell, Karl D'Costa
MusicRob Lord, Mark Bandola
SFXRob Lord, Mark Bandola
Executive ProducerChristopher Erhardt
ProducerAndrei Nadin
Tinsel SystemMark Roll, John Young
Animator ProDavid Johnson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (779803)

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