Polanie Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

(Polanie) Title screen - floppy disk release
(Victory) Bootup
(Victory) Title screen
(Polanie) Short intro animation - floppy disk release
(Victory) Introduction
(Polanie) Main menu - floppy disk release
(Polanie) Title screen - CD-ROM re-relase
(Victory) Beginning of the first level
(Victory) First you should kill everyone attacking your village
(Polanie) Main menu - CD-ROM re-relase
(Osadníci) Title screen
(Victory) Cows are your friends - the milk is the only resource in the game
(Osadníci) Main menu
(Victory) The enemy village
(Victory) Victory!
(Victory) Where do you want to go today?
(Polanie) The story
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - your village behind a stockade
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - another busy day
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - your "harvester"
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - is that Kupala Day feast?
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - run, Mirko, run!
(Polanie, Osadníci) CD-ROM intro - too late, your village was razed by greedy neighbours
(Polanie) Just like in Warcraft you can build roads...
(Polanie) ...but this time also bridges!
(Polanie) Destroy your enemy "with fire and sword"
(Polanie) Mission completed!
(Polanie) Mission completed - CD-ROM re-relase
(Polanie) Select your next conquest and choose difficulty level.
(Polanie) The lumberjack can create a passage in the forest; notice you can select large groups
(Polanie) Sacred places offer healing for your men... and for the enemy as well!
Osadnici Menu
Late Come Back
Victory Menu
Enemy village & archers
Two enemy archers has no chance in random battle
Single warrior, Wojsław