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Police Quest 3: The Kindred Credits


Executive ProducerKen Williams
ProducerGuruka Singh-Khalsa
Creative DirectorWilliam R. Davis Sr.
DirectorMark Crowe
Game DesignerJames Walls
Art DesignerMark Crowe
Lead ProgrammerDoug Oldfield
ProgrammersKimberly L. Bowdish, Chris Hoyt, Mike Larsen, Doug Oldfield
AnimatorsMark Crowe, James Larsen, Cindy Walker, Jon Bock, Willis Wong, Suzi Livengood, Jeff Crowe, Daryle Smith, Frank Ferrell, Terrence C. Falls, Richard Powell, Phyllis Cucchiara
Background ArtistsMark Crowe, James Larsen, Jon Bock, Willis Wong, Suzi Livengood, Nathan Larsen
ComposerJan Hammer
Music DirectorMark Seibert
Sound Effects and Additional MusicRobert Atesalp
Development SystemJeff Stephenson, Robert Eric Heitman, Dan Foy, Larry Scott, John Rettig, J. Mark Hood, Christopher Smith, Terry McHenry, Eric Hart, Chad Bye, Mark Wilden, Ken Koch, John Crane, Steven Coallier, Randy Moss
Writer / Additional Written MaterialJane Jensen
Quality AssuranceDavid Fleming
ActorsChristopher Daniel Barnes (as Sonny Bonds), Cheryl Loyd (as Marie Bonds), Patty Lang (as Pat Morales), Robert Tapp (as Captain Tate), Roger Griffith (as Kevin Miller), Mike Pickhinke (as Steven Rocklin), John Hartin (as Mike Downs), George Esparza (as Juan Jose Ruiz), Robert Ballew (as Zak the Keymaker), Josh Mandel (as Leon the Coroner), Mary Anne Larsen (as Hysterical Lady), Steve Parker (as Allied Officer), Cindy Walker (as Evidence Officer Ms. Gibbs), Craig Simmons (as Booking Officer Mr. Smith - Chief Fireman), William R. Davis Sr. (as Janitor Mr. Stump), Corey Cole (as Psychologist Sidney Aimes), Orpheus Hanley (as Speeder Mr. Hanley), Diane Haley (as Pregnant Lady), Zoltan Andahazy (as Army Recruiter), Robert Fischbach (as Drunk), Nancy Bickley (as Florist), Warren Cleeland (as Doctor Wagner), Nick Medici (as Newspaper Reporter), Brian Brouillette (as Nut at Aspen Falls), Veronica Oldfield (as Court Recorder), Nancy Smythe (as Bag Lady Carla Reed), Tara Ryan (as Judge Mildred Simpson), Chris Garski (as Defence Attorney Mr. Meyer), Ken Williams (as D.A. Mr. Cannon)
Actors (Additional Credits)Spot the Wonder-Dog [as Spike the K-9 unit], F. Lee Bitten [Trainer], Ima K. Nein [Assistant Trainer], Sean Claude dePoo Del [Spike's Hairdresser], Ralph the Wonder Llama [Spike's Stunt Double], Dog and Doggie of Beverly Hills [Spike's Costume]
DocumentationJane Jensen, James Walls
Documentation DesignGloria Garland

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (55195), Accatone (5342) and formercontrib (159235)