Police Quest 3: The Kindred Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screen
The Kindred Title
The Police Office
You now give briefings
Zooming in on your locker
Inside your car. The driving has been simplified
Don't you just hate sexual discrimination... hehehe (was positive this was the men's room)
These computer nerds sure are friendly...
The police station
Trouble at the recreation area...
A speeder is not too happy with the police right now
Your wife has been stabbed, and is being taken to the Hospital
The doctor speaks to you at the hospital
Coming home for the night
Your boss
Talking to the key maker
Making a mug shot with the crime computer
A dark alley
Looks like trouble in this alley
At the hospital
Hospital lobby
Talking to Marie, your wife... You'll visit her every day in the hospital
Relaxing in the bar... or rather looking for suspects
Your partner comments on the situation
The game won't let you talk to the skeleton. Ohh...
Try to find clues in this messed-up place. Example of transforming the cursor into an inventory item
Now things get dramatic... to shoot or not to shoot?..
Title screen (EGA/Tandy)
A part of the opening credits (EGA/Tandy)
Beginning at the police station (EGA/Tandy)
The view in your car (EGA/Tandy)
At the scene of a fire (EGA/Tandy)
Enough of this crap, Your Honor... put your hands where I can see them!!.. ... Calm down, Sonny... I don't think this will work
In a bar (EGA/Tandy)
An animation showing Sonny getting into his car near the Supreme Court building
Your wife, in the hospital (EGA/Tandy)
Oh, man... this is not a pretty sight. The series just keeps getting more gruesome
Close-up on a desk drawer
Now what could happen in this dark alley? (EGA/Tandy)