Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel Credits (DOS)

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Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel Credits


Executive ProducerKen Williams
Creative DirectorWilliam R. Davis Sr.
ProducerTammy Dargan
Art DirectorJames Larsen
ComposerRobert Atesalp
AnimatorsFrances Anne Powell, James Larsen, Spartaco Margioni, Al Roughton, Daryle Smith, Cindy Walker, Deanna Yhalkee
Background ArtistsMaurice Morgan, Terrence C. Falls, Michael Hutchison, James Larsen, Nathan Larsen, Richard Powell, Al Roughton, Arturo Sinclair, Cindy Walker, Willis Wong
ProgrammingChip Kerchner, Michael Brock, Hugh Diedrichs, Juan Carlos Escobar, Scott Murphy, Todd Powers, Krishnan Shankar
Music DirectorMark Seibert
Development SystemDan Foy, Ken Koch, Jack Magné, J. Mark Hood, Larry Scott, Christopher Smith, Jeff Stephenson, Mark Wilden
Additional Written MaterialScott Murphy, Lorelei Shannon
Special Thanks ToModel Assembly, Kit Rees
Quality AssuranceMike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe
Very Special Thanks ToHugh Diedrichs, Juan Carlos Escobar, Josh Mandel, Stuart Moulder
Lead ProgrammerMike Larsen
WriterPatrick Bridgemon
Graphic DesignerMark Empey

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