Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screenshot
Back in the day when everyone at Sierra...
... did a little bit of everything.
The police station.
Sonny gets the nomination for officer of the year, and Sierra gets a free ad for King's Quest 3. :)
Can't leave the station until you do it!
The driving engine looks simple, but you'll grow to like it.
Accident, or...?
Every officer needs a break now and then
... But only a quick one!
Finally, some action!
But was this what Sonny had in mind?
Pulled over a suspect... (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Visiting the city jail (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Visiting the park, and busting some creeps. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Outside of the Blue Room. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
In the motorcyle hangout, Marie, Sonny's old girlfriend, is here. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
A police file. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
In the court room. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
There's a chicken on Dooley's desk! Looks like the Gremlin prankster has struck again! (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Going undercover at the Hotel Delphoria. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
The hotel lounge. Marie is at the bar. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Playing a game of poker while undercover. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
In your hotel room with some other undercover cops. (EGA/Tandy/MCGA)
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
We have a possible DUI here! (CGA with composite monitor)
Oops, looks like I better move out (CGA with composite monitor)
Be careful when driving, or you'll crash (CGA with composite monitor)
D'oh! I didn't close my car door and now someone stole it! (CGA with composite monitor)
Title screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Uh oh, we could have trouble here... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Suspect pulled over; asking for a license (CGA with RGB monitor)
There are plenty of locations to visit and people to talk to (CGA with RGB monitor)
The city map when driving (CGA with RGB monitor)
Hmm, seems to be a nice day in the park... (CGA with RGB monitor)
Title screen (Hercules Monochrome)
In the Hercules version a dialog box opens when typing (Hercules Monochrome)
The driving view (Hercules Monochrome)
Hmm, bikes; could their owners be causing a ruckus in that nearby bar? (Hercules Monochrome)