Advertising Blurbs

Back of DOS Rule Book:

    ...a cataclysmic conclusion to the greatest AD&D computer fantasy role-playing series ever !

    irst there was Pool of Radiance. Next came Curse of the Azure Bonds. Then followed Secret of the Silver Blades. Now, the epic has come full circle - Pools of Darkness takes you back to the Moonsea area for the final battle against the ultimate enemy.

    Prepare yourself for the biggest adventuring yet! Pools of Darkness propels you into alternate dimensions on an enormous quest. And, it boast a fully evolved version of the award-winning game system used throughout the series.

    Transfer your characters from Secret of the Silver Blades with levels, money and items intact, or create new characters! Either way, you're in for some high-level action ! Battle monsters never before encountered. Cast powerful new spells. Achieve character levels well above the 25TH level !

    As if this weren't enough, state-of-the-art graphics and crisp digitized sound make this a true masterpiece of the fantasy role-playing art !

    Contributed by Indra was here (20902) on Aug 06, 2006.