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Prehistorik 2 Credits

20 people (11 developers, 9 thanks)


CoderEric Zmiro
DesignerEric Zmiro, Francis Fournier, Florent
Level DesignEric Zmiro, Francis Fournier
Artist DirectorEric Zmiro
Main GraphicsFrancis Fournier
BackgroundFrancis Fournier
Sprites GFXFrancis Fournier
MonstersLyes Belaidouni
HerosLyes Belaidouni
Additional GFXMorgan Valque, Jean-Christophe Alessandri, Didier Carrère
MusicFabrice Paumier, Francis Fournier
Packaging DesignOlivier Corviole, J. R. Fischer
ManualGabriel Guary
Thanks ToCristelle, Gil Espeche, Corinne, Sebastien Bechet, Olivier aka Delta
Special thanksEric Caen, Hervé Caen, Fabien Arago, Fabien Amsellem

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Credits for this game were contributed by JudgeDeadd (26817) and Frenkel (2089)